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  • Ruben has a vast and diverse experience working in the creative field: including merchandise for MMA, furniture catalogues, and every possible document for a prize-promotions tech startup. I worked closely with Ruben, observing and approving his web design, document layout, printed banner design, social media graphics, motion graphics, and even UI/UX design.

    The two most outstanding characteristics of Mr. Matamoros are his creativity and sincerity. Sometimes he seems to pull his ideas out of thin air, though during our conversations I discovered his great knowledge in many spheres, as well as his ability to form associations between objects or subjects that at first seem to have nothing in common. He approaches routine tasks from a different direction and with an alternative perspective, helping him create truly original products. As for the sense of sincerity, it is another trait of Ruben's personality. He is the one of the few people in my surrounding who will give an honest interpretation of a document's design. He seeks the truth and what's right, which guides his design and personal life. 

    My own design work has improved thanks to the time I supervised Ruben.

  • From the moment I interviewed Ruben I knew he was the best person to bring on as a contractor to our project. While others can attest to his phenomenal Graphic Design skills I am best suited to describe his character. Ruben operates from a high level of integrity in how he relates to others. He respects and appreciates all team players and is inclusive in all his relationships. His fun loving disposition and warm friendliness make him very approachable and he is clear about his purpose in life, which I would describe as adding value to others. I thank him for the great conversations and the old school banter that we enjoyed.

  • I am delighted to write this recommendation for Ruben. Ruben worked with me at Priatek on a project developing a marketing, sales and product art assets. Ruben is a highly skilled artist with a lot of versatility. His work is forward looking and never dull. I loved working with Ruben, and I think you will too.

    As part of his work he produced gorgeous print and digital assets. He worked on everything to game assets to brochures. Ruben is a true team player, creative problem solver and overall nice guy. His personality is easy to adapt to and would complement any team. 

    Ruben has tremendous potential and with the right team, he will produce tremendous value. I am confident that Ruben will be an asset to any team that he joins. He is a bright young mind, his dedication to creativity and innovation will take him a long way. Please feel free to contact me if I can provide any additional information.

  • Ruben is gifted in many ways and an asset to Pivot and our clients. As a digital designer he has a mentoring heart to help our interns stretch their wings in the areas of graphic design. He has provided outstanding work for a number of our clients such as Pig Floyd's Urban Barbakoa and NAMI Greater Orlando. Ruben led and collaborated with our design team to create Pivot's dynamic logo.

    Isabella Johnston
    Pivot Business Consulting
  • Ruben has been simply amazing in helping our Licensees with their Social Media Graphic Design needs... He is always willing, easy to connect with, and our customers love him. Thank you Ruben for always being there to help when we are in need...

    Brad Clark
    Ashley Furniture Industries
  • Ruben's website is great and beyond my expectations!! We are completely satisfied with the product, his service, and flexibility.

    Frank Ausler

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