Video Animations Collection | Carillon Tower Advisors of Raymond James Financial
September 13, 2021
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May 29, 2021
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Digital & Social Ads Collection

Carillon Tower Advisors of Raymond James Financial


Here is a collection of digital/social ads I created for Carillon Tower Advisors, an affiliate of Raymond James Financial, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Carillon Tower Advisers is a global asset management company that combines the exceptional insight and agility of individual investment teams with the strength and stability of a full-service firm with $65 billion in assets under management and advisement. It is now a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), as are all of its affiliates. Partner affiliates Eagle Asset Management, Cougar Global Investments, and Scout Investments are new signatories, while Reams Asset Management and ClariVest Asset Management have been members of the PRI.

Cognizant of the new branding being incorporated into every asset, the focus here with the company was for the most part, LinkedIn. As a designer for a financial institution, the challenge was to find the right solution that is not too simple, average, and also not too complex and unusable. In design less is not equal to simple and being simple is not being primitive.