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May 23, 2021
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April 18, 2017
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VendXOR White Paper Lite

VendXOR of Priatek


This is a much more condensed and aesthetically pleasing version of the White Paper from a company called, VendXOR. Which is an organization incubated from the ad tech company Priatek, with the purpose to serve not only Priatek’s needs, but any vendor worldwide. VendXOR is poised to change the way vendors issue and manage reward credit, such as loyalty points or coupons. A myriad of issues that traditional Vendor Credit infrastructure is notorious for, such as untraceability and fraud, has lead VendXOR to build a platform capable of dramatically improving rewards systems and user experiences. VendXOR will give vendors and consumers an interoperable framework, and an Internet-of-Value (IoV) ecosystem that will promote improved relationships and unlock value for all participants.